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Ron worked in ceramics, metal, wood, fiberglass and ink:

Ron left a substantial and important art collection which is now available for sale.
Only a selection of his work is on display here.

At the beginning of 2023, Mike Jingle, who so valiantly initiated and captained the helm of the Ron Hitchins project, retired from day to day duties. Mike is still onboard as a consultant and to answer specific questions but we are delighted to announce that the exceptionally talented clothes and fashion designer Nathaniel Mackie has taken over the day to day tasks. Nathaniel was a very close personal friend of Ron’s and will be administering  the remaining artwork and any enquiries relating to current sales should be directed to him.To arrange viewings, see the remainder of the collection and for pricing, please contact:


Nathaniel Mackie +44 7841 507122

Mike Jingle +34 699703984

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