Ceramic Panels of complex design, fibreglass bronze panels and constructions of painted wood.  In each form his sense of discovery and a controlled imagination give promise for the future.

Charles S Spencer, New York Times

His wall panels show an implicit feeling for form and sculptural relief; he can be intricate, meticulous, detailed, and still keep a central balance of spontaneity.

Joanna Borchard, Arts Review

The incredible ingenuity is that no two little squares are ever alike, Mr Hitchins can also produce finish effects like carved leather or red Chinese lacquer superimposed on a somewhat Aztec pattern proliferation.

Oswell Blakeston, What’s on in London

The wall tiles are used indoors, the fibreglass wall reliefs in bronze, copper or silver, will withstand theweather, the charm of the wood constructions lies in the play of light and shade against the background.

Marjorie Bruce Milne, Christian Science Monitor

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